PC Upgrade Solutions

The 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor equipped with new technology and has further evolved. Performance by adding / replacing in part, PC upgrades can be enhanced now is your chance.

PC Repair Solutions

Shoei System located at Kamiina gun Nagano, we are focusing on onsite pc, laptop, server repair or troubleshooting
Apply for computer repair, computer troubleshooting consultations, we accept phone or contact form. Please tell us what you want or support the contents of your computer problems. PC repair, trouble resolution, shops bring visitors can choose from a business trip.

Data Recovery Solutions

We can recover your data from memory card, hard disk (HDD), servers, NAS, RAID data recovery.

To rescue your important data from failed computers and storage media, call us!

Original PC

PC too old or too slow?
Are you seriously thinking about buying a new computer?

If you want to buy a new computer or want to upgrading computer then contact us for computer upgrading.

Let Shoei System Help You!

Minowa, Nagano city's IT company. Help you take advantage of more comfortable with IT small businesses and SOHO · self, from PC Repair, Data Recovery, PC Repair Business support, environmental support network, support problems (diagnosis), including support to leverage your computer with confidence. We provide comprehensive support services for our hands.

Will respond to individuals and companies want to expand the business using the Internet. WEB and consulting, selling commercial homepage, displaying top services are available on search engines.

About Shoei System

Website Designing

Shoei System provides interactive, stylish, and affordable website design services. Every company has unique website design requirement. Why us?

1. We create attractive website.
2. We create powerful SEO website.
3. We create high conversion website.
4. We create efficient website.
5. We create highly sense website.

Shoei System Service Guide

1. Data (HDD) restoration.
2. Cleaning Computer & Repair.
3. PC Assembly & Upgrade.
4. PC Repair Support.
5. Computer Training.
6. Disposal and recycling PC
7. Rental PC
8. Create Website

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